Brainworks Neurotherapy, London UK

Neurofeedback therapy at home

Programmes for peak performance and symptom resolution
Our leading-edge neurofeedback brain training programmes harness the brain’s capacity for change, training your mind so you can operate at your peak. The ability to re-route thought patterns and break emotional habits can be life-changing.
Home Training
Our home training team and international partners
We provide you with a complete neurofeedback station; a 19 sensor system capable of both brain mapping and LoRETA neurofeedback training. All you need to do is connect it to your internet and we’ll take care of the rest.
For Professionals
Brain Workstation remote software
Over the last decade, we have developed what has turned into an industry game-changer; the world’s first professional remote QEEG and LoRETA home training. Discover the Brain Workstation and at home neurofeeback without sacrifice.

Our Programmes

Reducing symptoms for a particular issue that is bothering you. People who want to gain better control of their emotions, reactions, or symptoms are in this group.
Peak Performance
Team GB Olympic training partner. Enhancing and expanding current mental and cognitive functioning. Athletes, Attorneys, CEOs, or anyone who wants to improve function.
Children and Teens
Building behavioural and attentional skills or developmental issues. Children on the Autism Spectrum are also in this group.

Founded in 2007, Brainworks was among the first neurofeedback practices in the UK. Today, we are among the world's leading pioneers in neurofeedback and brain training technologies.