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Founded in 2007, Brainworks was among the first neurofeedback practices in the UK.

Today, we are among the world’s leading pioneers in neurofeedback and brain training technologies.

Being on the forefront often means having to innovate; from our feedback suites to our home training stations, and integrated retreats to our Mindset fitness programme, many of our tools are our own innovations.

Our greatest asset is our team. We have been collaborating long enough to settle into our strongest roles. We love what we do, and it shows.

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Ethos and Innovations

Our innovations are driven by our ethos;


To get the best results, we have invested in one-to-one training with some of the best neurofeedback practitioners in the world; mentors who are masters in the field, and artists of their craft.

Delivering the best results means that we can’t compromise on equipment. Better equipment means that results are faster, better targeted, and more specific to your goals. All the brain training tools we use, we pioneered in the UK.

Being on the forefront often means having to innovate; from our feedback suites to our home training stations, integrated retreats to our Mindset fitness programme, many of our tools are our own innovations.


By keeping apace with the latest neurofeedback methods and tools, we have seen the average number of sessions required for results drop from 60 sessions (using a few sensors), to 40 sessions, then down to 20 sessions or less using a full 19 sensor cap, 3D imaging, and all the latest tools. more…


Using state-of-the-art neurofeedback equipment and a skilled therapist to track progress, update, and run every session is a cost intensive way to work.

However, 3D neurofeedback reduces the total number of sessions required to see results – making it a quite cost-effective compared to more basic neurofeedback. That is why we use it.

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As brain training technology progresses, we evolve with it.

  • 2007
    Brainworks was open, the first to offer non-linear neurofeedback in the UK. The field has moved forward greatly since then, but it was a good place to get our start.
  • 2009
    To increase efficacy and reduce the number of sessions needed, we moved away from non-linear methods to an elegant ten sensor neurofeedback system.
  • 2010
    Recgognsing that home training was the way forward, we began a decade-long project to develop a home neurofeedback system. We had many early failures.
  • 2011
    To increase efficacy and reduce sessions further still, we moved onwards and upwards to QEEG guided neurofeedback with 19 sensor sLoRETA training software.
  • 2014
    We finally arrived at the key to remote neurofeedback that actually worked in real-world practice, and opened the world's first dedicated remote clinic.
  • 2017
    With a few years of remote training experience under our belt, we began development of Ana; the Automated Neurofeedback Assistant to increase efficiency in all areas.
  • 2020
    With the outbreak of COVID, we began licensing our remote software to help keep fellow practices stay afloat. We went from a fringe method to industry-leading software providers in short order.
  • 2022
    Over the course of 25,000 clinical sessions, Ana learned how to deal with any and every eventuality in the field. She can run a complete session on her own and tutor new therapists.
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