Our team of neurofeedback therapists

We started out as a family business and though we have grown, we still hold the same values.

Our biggest strength is our clinicians. With decades of combined experience behind us, we have one of the most experienced neurofeedback teams in the world.

When you first get in touch, you’ll speak with James. A founding director of the company, James will expertly answer your questions, review your case and help find the best approach for you. He oversees your experience with us from start to finish.

If your assessment or sessions are done in the London clinic, you’ll meet another of our founders, Christina. She takes care of everything in London from the initial brain map to the final session.

If your sessions are done at home, you’ll meet Ingrid or Travis; our lead clinicians for remote training. Assisting our lead therapists are our team of experienced neurofeedback specialists; Philippe, Zara, Tatiana, Ylka, and Cora. They connect by internet to run your daily sessions, help with questions, and assist you while you train.

Behind it all is another of our founders, Sarah. Sarah keep everything running smoothly and effienciently. Sabine assists Sarah, and she will be in touch for payments, shipping, and all things logistics related.

London Clinic
Christina Lavelle - Brainworks Neurofeedback
Christina Lavelle

Clinical Director, London Clinic

Christina is Brainworks’ Managing Director and founder of the London clinic, where she expertly supervises all aspects of client care.

Christina holds certifications as a Wuttke Institute Neurofeedback Specialist, LoRETA neurofeedback certification, iLs certified, certified BST Master Level neurofeedback practitioner, a member of the Society of Applied Neuroscience. Christina studied psychology, sociology, naturopathy, hypnotherapy and NLP.

Home clinic
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Ingrid Valentin

Lead Neurofeedback Therapist, Home Clinic

Ingrid (Ida) Valentin joined our team in 2014. Ida is a certified Neurofeedback practitioner and holds diplomas in Children’s Psychology, Medical Neuroscience, and Interpersonal Neurobiology.

Being a digital nomad and polyglot, Ida has visited and worked for several neurofeedback clinics worldwide and learned different techniques from experts in Europe, Russia and America.

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Philippe Pascal

Neurofeedback Therapist, Home Clinic

Philippe Studied Strategic Economical Science and was trained by the Biofeedbck Federation of Europe and active as NFB tech since 2015. Phil works mostly with Peak Performance clients

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Travis Houston

Lead Neurofeedback Therapist, Home Clinic

Travis joined us in 2017, and runs our UK evening sessions from his home in Davis, California. He mentored under Marty Wuttke (Marty is one of our original teachers and one of the original pioneers in neurofeeback), and has a natural gift for the field.

Taking his education further, Travis doubles a research assistant in the UC Davis Brain Research Laboratory.

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Chloé Taudin

Lead Neurofeedback Therapist, Home Clinic

Chloe joins us with a MSC in Clinical Psychology and an MSC in Neuropsychology, and is a member of the Belgian Clinical Psychologists association.

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Zara Engels

Neurofeedback Therapist, Home Clinic

Zara has an MSC in Clinical Psychology, is completing an MSC in Neuropsychology, and is a member of the Belgian Clinical Psychologists Association.

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Tatiana Jelic

Neurofeedback Therapist, Home Clinic

Tatiana has an MSC in Clinical Psychology, has completed four years of medical school. She is finishing her MSC Neuropsychology and is a member of the Belgian Clinical Psychologists Association.

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Cora Marroquin

Neurofeedback Therapist, Home Clinic

Cora came to us after working for the world famous Drake neurofeedback clinics in Los Angeles for five years. We are delighted and fortunate to have her on board.

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Ana AI, our Automated Neurofeedback Assistant.

Neurofeedback Therapist, Home Clinic

With over 100,000 sessions under her belt, the Ana AI is undoutably the most experienced therapist in the world. She assists therapists with all aspects of training. Ana launches sessions in record time, supervises, securely gets all your data to where it needs to be, learns your training preferences, takes over in cases of internet interruption or can handle a full session all on her own.

Ana has become an industry game-changer.

Software Deveolopment, R&D
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James Roy

Technical Director Brainworks, Client Coordinator, Operations

James has been a board certified Neurotherapist since 2007, Brainworks’ client liaison, Director of Research and Development, co-founder of the company.

James keeps us up-to-date on all the latest technical wizardry and develops new tools to keep us ahead. He conceptualised, designed, programmed and built the world’s first profesional neurofeedback home training platforms, and continues to develop innovative new ways to deliver quality remote brain training.

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Sarah Roy

Company Director Brainworks

Sarah is a board certified neurotherapist, co-founder and Operations Director of Brainworks; she handles all the accounts, provides client support and generally keeps the company running efficiently.

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Sabine Weber

Scheduling and Adminsitration

Sabine expertly assists all our clients with scheduling, shipping, payments, and all things logistics related. Being German helps.