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It was believed, in the not too distant past, that we could not change our brains once they were fully developed.

Beyond the detox bootcamp, there’s the transformational retreat, combining yoga and meditation with the latest in brain-training techniques. Can it really change your mind?

Mark went from a low performer at work to getting two promotions. Here is his story.

If you are attempting to push yourself ever harder in the workplace and would like to tap into an extra few % of your brain's hidden powers then, in my first-hand experience, Brainworks has a credible answer.
To be honest, I had fairly limited expectations - I was wrong to be so cautious. The programme had tangible effects, primarily improving focus and enhancing my business resilience. I was able to mentally take a step backwards from various challenges and view them with a slightly calmer, more productive mind set. By way of a bonus my wife also commented on a ‘notable improvement’ in my demeanour at home. I noticed a difference after just 4 or 5 sessions.
Everything has been going well for me since the brain therapy. I got the highest fraud detection rate for October in the office with a huge bonus! I will also be getting a pay rise in January as well, which means things are definitely on the up! I'm really glad my brain has been able to get out of the stuck patterns it was in. I really feel things are easier now.
I feel so different. The best analogy is like the use of your muscles in movement. It’s like trying to engage in the same motion as before, but with less muscular effort, yet getting a better result.
What I notice is that I become so focused on seeing the ball go into the hole that I feel like my putting stroke goes on auto pilot. I have a lot less interference going through my mind. I feel more focused on a single point, calmer, and definitely a lot more composed and confident on the golf course.
I found that using neurofeedback allowed me to make changes in the way I worked that I didn’t believe were possible. I felt I could put myself in the state sports professionals describe as ‘in the Zone’. You are right there, entirely focused on the task, but also relaxed.
I feel younger inside, less weight, like years of weight have come off me. I feel more like me.
My cognitive abilities have improved massively, focus, drive, intuition and general family life have improved 10 fold and I feel much happier in myself and where I’m going.
It is great to see things move and change and then see and feel the benefits in everyday life. It’s just a bit of well needed fine tuning that everyone should do.
My thought processes are much easier to keep positive, and my emotional poise is much better.
I deliberately did not tell school about (my son's) neurofeedback sessions as i wanted to see if they noticed a change in his behaviour without actively assessing him. Wow! He has won three awards this term for ``amazing contributions in the classroom`` ``fantastic listening skills`` and a physical education award.
I have noticed such a difference. I don't let my thoughts take over as much, I generally sleep better and I am more proactive. I can enjoy life . To be calm - oh that inner sense of peace - priceless.
A really good fundamental change that is coming in, is letting myself really slow down to see how I feel over a few days rather than responding or feeling I need to respond more quickly.
(He) became massively more open to try new things after the first round and has been writing more and more. But this takes it to a whole new level. He just did this spontaneously, all by himself - the spellings are correct and the writing is SO much neater than it was. The next day, I was with him while he drew a birthday card for his friend with such care, focus and attention I could barely believe it.
I found neurofeedback to be a highly effective and precise way of getting to the source of problems in life and resolving them. It helped change my outlook on life in a far more positive way.
It’s so hard to put into concise words but there is just so much more of an ease with everything, less neurosis and worry, less sense of urgency. I still sometimes feel a bit anxious - but it’s that rather than being consumed and crippled. The perfectionism that has held me back is much more in proportion now - I still have high standards but I am able to show up and just do things where before I could become paralysed and avoidant.
I don’t fret or get knocked sideways by circumstances as I used to. I feel more like myself than I’ve ever done and I feel fab.
(My son's) desire for social interaction has massively increased and he generally wants someone to play with him now as opposed to disappearing into his room with his Lego! (his) class teacher has approached me several times to remark on (his) confidence and his rapidly growing friendships in school! He has even had friends home for tea and played appropriately with them, happy to share his toys. I have also seen him spontaneously put his arm around his friend when she was upset (gulp)!
It’s given me a glimpse of light at the end of the tunnel, by separating ‘me’ from the components of myself, my mind and my family. I am able to see that feeling and experiencing things another way is possible.
I immediately cleared up all the mess and clutter that’s been piling up for years. It’s like my home environment had to accommodate my cleaner mind.
The boy we had to be so careful about touching - it could really set him off if you accidentally brushed against him - now rushes up to me and hugs me. It’s incredible! He snuggles up voluntarily, initiating the contact which he once couldn’t even tolerate. He even started calling me “Darling” - it was tongue-in-cheek - but also sweetly symbolic!
I felt held and supported every step of the way. My partner says my whole demeanour is more confident and less anxious. My stress is definitely way down.
It’s quite extraordinary. I spent 4 days in London 2 weeks back and it felt as though I had never been to London before - in the sense that “this person” had never been! I had been as “someone else” who found it a lot more exhausting, draining, stressful. I am weathering everything far better.
I only have one mind and I can't do much without it. You will never know how wonderful you and those weird machines are.
I only have one mind and I can't do much without it. You will never know how wonderful you and those weird machines are.
It literally does feel like turning a dial down or flipping a switch or just stopping/letting something go.
It’s like there has been a significant shift in the way I perceive myself and the world. It’s the difference between narrow, anxious, tight thinking and a gentler, more composed, relaxed, wider ranging thought. It’s like I’m the same person only it’s easier being me.
I am totally LOVING seeing this really concrete evidence of how he has transformed in front of our eyes. He is almost full time in school already which is such a surprise. He actually ASKED to go the extra day a few weeks back! I almost cried when I saw his little exercise book full of fractions and other maths work.
I am sleeping better than I have for years - I feel like a human being again. It made a huge difference in my life. I’m calmer, more manageable and experiencing relationships in a different way.
Neurofeedback at Brainworks was life-changing. Living in my brain is a very different experience now; no matter the circumstances I can maintain a sense of peace and clarity in my head. My resilience to stress and pressure has hugely improved, and my life-long insomnia is largely a thing of the past and when it crops up, I can overcome it. Thank you so much!
Having suffered with post viral fatigue symptoms for years, I have had a great deal of success with Brainworks. After completing a block of treatments I found that my energy levels almost returned to normal. I would thoroughly recommend it.
It's great - I honestly never imagined such a tangible result. So thank you for that, as sleep was my main area of concern.
I was really sceptical and cannot believe I’m now pain free for the first time since I can remember. And I gave up smoking without even trying – it’s all made such a difference in my life.
Neurofeedback has reduced -----'s anxiety. He is able to go out to busy places now. Because of this he now access's a variety of activities that he can learn from.
(He) is sitting still, paying attention, concentrating and getting lots of positive feedback which is helping to build his self esteem. A few students / parents have commented to me how different he seems / is behaving in class. He is more motivated and willing to work!
(My son) still has autism and still struggles with lots of things, but your sessions have given him some level of calm and allowed his light to shine ever more brightly! Thank you both so very much. I am in awe of all you do!
I didn't tell (my daughter's) teachers anything about her having sessions, and all of them commented on how well behaved and focused she's been. She's so happy, and so good in herself.
Regarding meltdowns we are dealing with one or two a week now as opposed to the same number every day, and there is usually an obvious reason for these…
I would definitely say (his) anxiety levels have reduced, he is still anxious in new situations but nowhere near the flight or fight response he has lived with all these years. In fact there has been no ``flight`` since his neurofeedback sessions.

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