Butterflies helped me to retrain my brain

I’m watching a video of butterflies flitting above a field of flowers. I’m staring hard at them, willing them to fly down on to the blooms below. Covering my scalp is a matrix of sensors, which are connected to a computer...

‘Letting Go’ – a new book by Emma Woolf

Emma Woolf (Grand daughter of Virginia Woolf) has written a new book, inspired by her experience on one of our Transformational Retreats. Available here on Amazon. Daily Mail Book Review;

My brain on retreat

It was believed, in the not too distant past, that we could not change our brains once they were fully developed.

Mind Matters

Beyond the detox bootcamp, there’s the transformational retreat, combining yoga and meditation with the latest in brain-training techniques. Can it really change your mind?


Mark went from a low performer at work to getting two promotions. Here is his story.

Transformational Brain Retreats

The Transformational Retreats project in Costa Rica offers a new approach to yoga retreats – integrating modern neuroscience with all you can expect on a deluxe yoga retreat.

Improving Memory

Tatler Magazine (excerpt) “I also enrolled at an amazing place called Brainworks. I was here for the QEEG technique, which maps your brainwaves. I sat in a super-comfy chair, staring

Balancing The Traumatised Brain

Soldiers returning from serving in Afghanistan may benefit from a technique to alleviate the symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder.