Butterflies helped me to retrain my brain

I’m watching a video of butterflies flitting above a field of flowers. I’m staring hard at them, willing them to fly down on to the blooms below. Covering my scalp is a matrix of sensors, which are connected to a computer...

‘Letting Go’ – a new book by Emma Woolf

Emma Woolf (Grand daughter of Virginia Woolf) has written a new book, inspired by her experience on one of our Transformational Retreats. Available here on Amazon. Daily Mail Book Review;

Mind Matters

Beyond the detox bootcamp, there’s the transformational retreat, combining yoga and meditation with the latest in brain-training techniques. Can it really change your mind?

Transformational Brain Retreats

The Transformational Retreats project in Costa Rica offers a new approach to yoga retreats – integrating modern neuroscience with all you can expect on a deluxe yoga retreat.

Improving Memory

Tatler Magazine (excerpt) “I also enrolled at an amazing place called Brainworks. I was here for the QEEG technique, which maps your brainwaves. I sat in a super-comfy chair, staring

Balancing The Traumatised Brain

Soldiers returning from serving in Afghanistan may benefit from a technique to alleviate the symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder.