Mark:  low performer to double promotion

Mark went from a low performer at work to getting two promotions. Here is his story.

“I am still very thrilled with how much my January neurofeedback sessions benefited me. While it has changed my life on every level I have been particularly impressed by how much my ability to get things done has improved.

I used to have terrible difficulties at work with being accurate, paying attention, remembering things and lacked intuition. It always felt as if I was swimming upstream. I now feel enthusiastic almost every single day, a quiet confidence and seem to be much more productive without having to make nearly as much effort. My managers are very impressed with my improvement and I still haven’t let them in on my little secret!

A big thank you to everyone that has made your company possible. I really enjoyed the sessions and hope to soon be back for more.”


“… I had a job interview for an internal role. I learnt yesterday afternoon I was successful in my application and got the promotion! They even said they thought my interview was very strong?! It is lovely to witness such an improvement and my pay rise will help us to continue working together to unlock more of my potential.”

My social skills have seen a noticeable improvement since we last met in January; thanks largely to your work. I’m feeling so much more comfortable in public and the general shyness most people seem afflicted with is gradually getting released.

A big thank you to everyone in your company :)”


“I’m writing this to give you an insight into the shifts I have experienced as a result of my second intensive.

Prior to beginning treatment work would knock me for six and I would feel very stressed and be in a bad mood and feel unable to socialise after a hard day. I can now maintain my equanimity and am much more pleasant to be around!

I am able to understand my work a lot better and document what I do clearly. Things appear simpler and I am aware of more factors when making decisions. I seem to think more logically and can link tasks together and ideas in a very cohesive manner like never before.

My emotional regulation seems a little better. However I do still get moments of immense anger but it feels easier to let it go. I am also more tolerant of others and feel better able to understand their point of view and I am getting better acquainted with sympathy and empathy.

I felt fantastic afterwards, very joyful, totally blew my brain fog away. I could easily draw upon my vocabulary and truly express myself and felt incredibly sociable.

Since starting the sessions I believe that my creativity has returned and now feel able to express myself eloquently and flexibly. Multitasking seems easier and I don’t get as stressed.

I feel much less social anxiety and just calmer in general. My memory and ability to select the right word seems to be improved.

I owe you one!”

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