Meet Our Neurofeedback Therapists

Our team, rooted in family values, combines decades of experience with cutting-edge technology to provide world-class neurofeedback therapy. Whether in our London clinic or through our remote services, our dedicated professionals are committed to your journey towards better brain health.

James Roy Neurofeedback Expert

James Roy - Technical Director, Client Coordinator, Operations

James, is a co-founder of our company. He's your first point of contact, offering expert advice and guiding you through our services. As the Director of Research and Development, James is the brain behind our innovative neurofeedback home training platforms, ensuring we stay at the forefront of remote brain training technology.

Christina Lavelle Neurofedback therapist

Christina Lavelle - Clinical Director, London Clinic

Christina, a founder of our London clinic, oversees all clinic based assessments. Her extensive qualifications include certifications from the Wuttke Institute, LoRETA neurofeedback, iLs, and BST Master Level neurofeedback. With a background in psychology, sociology, naturopathy, hypnotherapy, and NLP, Christina ensures excellence in our London-based services.

Ingrid Valetin certified neurofeedback practitioner

Ingrid Valentin - Lead Neurofeedback Therapist, Home Clinic

Ingrid is a clinical psychologist and integrative psychotherapist. She is Board Certified in Neurofeedback and a BCIA Neurofeedback Mentor. She has led our therapeutic team since 2015. Ingrid focuses on effective treatments for (C-)PTSD and neurofeedback for attention problems and anxiety. She supervises clinicians from California to Hong Kong.

Home Clinic Neurofeedback Therapists

Philippe Pascal

Phil is a peak performance coach and the founder of the clinical team. He experienced neurofeedback for himself after a burn-out in the business sector. The benefits were so successful that he turned his career around and trained in Neurofeedback. Clients love his openness, empathy and ability to break the ice.

Chloé Taudin

Chloé is a clinical psychologist and neuropsychologist. She enjoys switching between neuropsychological assessments, giving neurofeedback sessions and doing QEEG analyses.

Zara Engels

Zara is a clinical psychologist and neuropsychologist. She is a great mental health advocate, both inside and outside the office. Zara also specialises in psychoeducation and coaching for patients with a brain injury.

Tatiana Jelic

Tatiana is a clinical psychologist and neuropsychologist. She studied medicine before turning to neuropsychology. She enjoys working with remote clients and when she expirenced neurofeedback her tinnitus went away. Clients love her soft energy.

Cora Marroquin

After completing her psychology degree, Cora began her career in neurofeedback at the renowned Drake neurofeedback clinic in Los Angeles. In 2021 she joined the Brainworks remote team bringing with her a wealth of practical experience and joyful enthusiasm for neurofeedback. She works with our clients from the late afternoon into the evenings.


Sabine Weber

Sabine handles scheduling, shipping, payments, and logistics with her characteristic German efficiency.