Brainworks Neurofeedback

Supporting Services

We have a wide range of clients, so having an equally broad range of tools and services allows us to get the right fit for each individual. In some cases, we may recommend other services to support (or in place of) neurofeedback sessions.

Brain/Gut Balance
In cases of a suspected chemical or hormanal imbalance, neurofeedback may not be the place to start. Many neuotransmitters (brain chemicals) are produced in the gut, and in some cases addressing gut health ahead of neurofeedback sessions can be key.
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Neurofield pEMF
We may suggest the Neurofield pEMF (low-intensity pulsed electromagnetic field) as part of your neurofeedback sessions if your symptoms are long-standing, or if the pattern is particularly stubborn.
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Integrated Listening System (iLs)
The iLs is an at-home sensory integration tool for autistic spectrum, learning disabilities, and sensory integration difficulties.
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Biofeedback has been in clinical use for decades. We may recommend biofeedback in combination with neurofeedback in certain cases.
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