International Neurofeedback Partners

There are hundreds of Brainworks Remote Neurofeedback stations operating worldwide.

We are partnered with the below clinics and recommend their services.

If there is no provider shipping to your location, you can always purchase your own remote neurofeedback system here.

neurofeedback locations worldwide

Dr April Byers,
Calgary, Alberta

Dr Ken Sherman
Bend, Oregon

Dr Bradley Engwall
Berkeley, California

Dr Richard Abbey
Palo Alto, California

Dr Phoebe Manalang
Oak Park, Illinois

Dr Alison Ooms
Downers, Illinois

Cheryl Cox
Lubbock TX

Dr Darron Smith
Memphis, Tennesee

Dr Craig Tanyo
Hollywood, Florida

Dr Anthony Silver
W.Westport, Conneticut

Dr Robert Hedaya
North Bethesda, Maryland

June Lam
Hong Kong

Our EU Partners
Head Office - Brussels

Brainworks Administration Offices

Brainworks Central