Neurofeedback courses

Once you have decided which software, methods, and equipment suits your need, you will need to find traiing in that method. 
There are a number of great neurofeedback courses out there, in whatever method you want to learn. A variety of courses are regularly held in the States, Netherlands, and Germany. A beginners course usually runs about $1200, plus travel expenses. 
Trademark neurofeedback systems include basic training as part of the package (a few days to a couple of weeks). They teach you enough to place the sensors and operate the software, but never enough to become independent. It's an 'affiliate' business model under a different name.  
Often, your neurofeedback equipment manufacturer or software provider run training courses. This is usually a great way to get started, and you can branch out from there. Taking a variety of courses gives you a wide skill base.
A teacher that gives ongoing support and mentoring is important. Like any profession, don't count on being completely independent for the first three to five years. All in all, budget in a good $15k to $30k over the term. 
At risk of raining on the parade, there is one final thing to consider. Neurofeedback is a poorly recognised, expensive, time consuming, and education-intensive alternative therapy. It's not easy - the drop-out rate for new practitioners in their first 18 months is 80%. 
My suggestion is to first dip your toe in, get a feel for it, and see if it's for you. Go for some sessions. Experience it. Find what methods you are drawn to. Learn and grow with it. 
You'll be glad you did. 
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