Our Neurofeedback Sessions

Neurofeedback training is a direct method that teaches your brain to function more efficiently.  It is non-invasive and, drug-free. This innovative practice strengthens neural pathways, allowing you to train your brain just like you would exercise your muscles.

The Process

Consultation Your starting point


Consultation: Your Starting Point

During the free consultation we address your questions and determine if neurofeedback is the right choice for you. We’ll ask you to complete a set of forms and then discuss your objectives, history, and any symptoms to see if it is the best way forward for you.


The Assessment: We obtain a QEEG brain map by putting on a 19 channel sensor cap; This looks and feels like a swimming cap.  We take readings for 5 minutes eyes open and 5 minutes eyes closed.    We convert these readings of your brain activity into brain maps   Analysis of these maps enables us to correlate your unique patterns to the areas in  life that you are looking to change.  We review the maps alongside your goals with you.

The Assessment


Training Plan: Creating Your Brain’s Workout We design your unique brain training protocols using data from your QEEG brain map, your forms and your goals.  Every 6th session we re-map and adjust your protocol taking into account how your brain is changing.

Training Plan Creating Your Brain’s Workout



Neurofeedback Sessions: Relax in the comfort of your own home as our neurofeedback therapist guides your session.

 They will walk you through using the equipment and cap placement.  Our bespoke software allows us to check the connectivity of every sensor.  Once that is ready your brain’s activity will control a video, game, or music, providing real-time feedback.  You get to choose what you watch from Youtube, Netflix etc.

Total session time is up to an hour with the training 20 to 45 minutes, with periodic QEEG updates to refine your program.

Neurofeedback Sessions Engaging Your Brain

What to Expect During a Session

Our technicians will walk you through the process, explaining the equipment and session goals. The non-invasive nature of neurofeedback means you’ll experience no pain and minimal side effects, although some fatigue similar to post-exercise tiredness is normal.

Results Timeline

Results vary as each brain is unique.  Some clients notice changes after only a few sessions,  most become aware of shifts around session 6 or 7.  By session 10/12 we would expect to see changes both in the maps and your experience. Generally, the more sessions you complete, the more profound and integrated the benefits. 

Preparing for Your Session

You should have clean product-free hair to ensure sensor accuracy.  

Choose a quiet room in the house with good internet, a comfy chair with a table to put on the laptop and amplifier.  Have some kitchen roll/tissues to hand for the gel.

Medication and Lifestyle Considerations

Inform us of any medications you’re taking, as they can influence neurofeedback. Avoid alcohol and recreational drugs for 24 hours before and after sessions. Always consult with your healthcare provider before starting new treatments.