Neurofeedback For Combined Symptoms

When one part of the brain is imbalanced, it can trigger a domino effect, leading to a range or ‘cluster’ of symptoms. Often, these clusters stem from a similar root cause.

By analysing the brain’s electrical patterns, we can discern the nature of the imbalance, dysregulation, or disorder. This insight allows us to tailor neurofeedback training to target these underlying issues specifically.

Tailored Approach for Comprehensive Care 

Our approach is unique in that we focus on how your brain functions as a whole, rather than isolating and treating individual conditions. This holistic method enables us to address a cluster of related symptoms simultaneously. As we bring one area of the brain into balance, we can shift our focus and intensify efforts on other areas that require attention.

Intake and Assessment for Precise Intervention

Our intake process is designed to help us narrow down the root causes of your symptoms. A crucial part of this process is the brain map (qEEG assessment), which pinpoints the specific areas of dysregulation related to your symptoms. This detailed assessment ensures that our neurofeedback training is precisely tailored to your needs, offering a more effective and comprehensive treatment.

By addressing the interconnected nature of brain function and symptoms, our neurofeedback therapy provides a nuanced and effective solution for those dealing with complex, intertwined issues. This approach not only treats the symptoms but also aims to restore overall brain health and balance.

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Frequently asked

Some people find that neurofeedback sessions can make them temporarily tired, as is the case with any form of exercise. Others find it energising. It all depends on your baselines and goals.

Neurofeedback benefits tend to be different for each individual. With consistent training the new neuro-connections / pathways are integrated and become dominant over time. A healthy lifestyle does help to support the process.

Neurofeedback is not yet recognised by the NHS.

If you are located in the USA, Neurofeedback is covered by most US health insurance companies.

Any reductions in medication should be handled by your doctor. NEVER stop taking or alter your dosage of prescribed medications without consulting with the prescribing physician.

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