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Skills for Life

The habits we create as children set the template for a lifetime.

Young people need to make decisions to build the life ahead of them, and it’s best the choices are made with a clear, happy and emotionally balanced mind.

Using neurofeedback brain training to learn focusing skills is a valuable tool in school; focus and concentration is critical to learning and memory. We help strengthen weaker areas and improve overall mental flexibility, reduce anxiety for better behaviour and mental performance, and improve emotional control for improved social skills.

Neurofeedback brain training will help your child’s intrinsic personality to emerge unrestricted. Being comfortable with ourselves is being at our best, no matter what our age.


  • Laugh, play social games, get into nature and get plenty of fresh air.
  • Eat right, and eat well. Diet can be crucial to brain performance.
  • Regular exercise, particularly in activities that require extreme coordination.
  • Neurofeedback to fine-tune concentration, mental flexibility, and emotional balance.

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We got Bibec to do a full assessment of (our son) including IQ tests and his IQ has moved significantly, particularly his verbal IQ which is up 10 points (thank you). His verbal IQ is now average, visual IQ is high average to superior, with an overall IQ increase of 6 points!
It's like (my son) has 'woken up' after all these years. His concentration and motivation are much better, and he's so much more himself. I don't know how you did it, but thank you.
Dr Bates
(my son) is doing well both at home and school, and there has been a marked improvement in both his concentration and communication skills.
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