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Focus and emotional balance is the key to peak performance in all areas. Neurofeedback trains your brain to function more efficiently, improving mental functioning and emotional stability.

Much like physical training for muscles, brainwave training strengthens specific brainwave patterns. The more you practice activating a specific area the stronger and more capable that area becomes.

Brainwaves in proper function run like an orchestra. Nothing too loud, nothing too quiet, with a harmonic beat. Restoring this natural symphony is what we do.

Outstanding performers in all fields are taking advantage of neurofeedback technologies to reach their peak; from London’s Royal College of Music to poker champions. It is extensively used in elite sports; by professional golfers, Olympic athletes, and football clubs such as AC Milan, Real Madrid, and Chelsea.

Surgeons use it to improve concentration; corporate executives use it to increase emotional intelligence for improved leadership skills and better time management; others use it as a mental guide to reach mindful, meditative or other spiritual states. Many people use neurofeedback brain training for release from stress, to improve sleep, and to be at their best no matter what circumstances they face.


Team GB training partner

Who uses neurofeedback training?

We are a training partner for the UK Winter Olympic team, for both peak performance training and head injury.

Abroad, it is used by AC Milan football club since 2006, and based on their World Cup win it was adopted by Real Madrid. Chelsea began using it in 2009. Neurofeedback is used for peak performance brain training by;

  • The Pro golf circuit
  • Formula 1 teams
  • NASA astronaut training centre
  • United States Olympic Training Center
  • English Institute of Sport (Olympic Training Center)
  • Canadian National Olympic Sports Centers
  • Norwegian Olympic Training Center
  • Taiwanese Olympic Team
  • Singapore Olympic Sports Council
  • US Special Forces and Navy Seals training
  • United States Army’s Centers for Enhanced Performance
  • Wingate Institute of Sports & Physical Education, Israel
  • Human Performance Institute, Australian Special Forces
  • West Point Military Academy

Not only for improving business performance and personal development, neurofeedback brain training technologies are used in many areas where peak performance brain training matters.

Common Goals
Focus and emotional balance is the key to peak performance in all areas. Neurofeedback trains your brain to function more efficiently…
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Happiness is all about how we perceive and react to life’s events. Neurofeedback helps clear negative inner dialogue and widens perspective…
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Emotional balance is the ability of the mind and body to maintain equilibrium and flexibility in the face of challenge and change.
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Our approach to neurofeedback embraces both eastern and western disciplines, bringing spiritual neuroscience firmly into the 21st century.
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We are what we repeatedly do; excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.
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