Brainworks Neurofeedback

Self Development and Creativity

Happiness is all about how we perceive and react to life’s events. Neurofeedback helps clear negative inner dialogue and widens perspective, allowing our intrinsic personality to emerge.


Smooth brain communication promotes focus and emotional balance, helping us reach our full personal potential.

The most common benefit people report after training with neurofeedback is of a new vitality; a familiar but forgotten sense of being more their natural self. Most note that though they came in for help with emotional, artistic and creative abilities, they have also found positive changes in many other areas of their lives.

Streamlining your mind is simple mental hygiene; an essential component of reaching optimal health.

"I feel younger inside, less weight, like years of weight have come off me. I feel more like me."
Brainworks client
"My cognitive abilities have improved massively, focus, drive, intuition and general family life have improved 10 fold and I feel much happier in myself and where I’m going."
Brainworks client
"It is great to see things move and change and then see and feel the benefits in everyday life. It’s just a bit of well needed fine tuning that everyone should do."
Brainworks client
"My thought processes are much easier to keep positive, and my emotional poise is much better."
Brainworks client
"It has had a wonderful impact on my life…enhancing my general feeling of wellbeing…and I have no doubt that it has had a positive effect on my performances…it is about a state of mind."
Cassie Yukawa
Award-winning pianist

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