Supporting Services

We have a wide range of clients, so having an equally broad range of tools and services allows us to get the right fit for each individual. In some cases, we may recommend other services to support (or in place of) neurofeedback sessions.

Neurofeedback For Combined Symptoms

Our Neurofeedback approach is unique in that we focus on how your brain functions as a whole, rather than isolating and treating individual conditions.

Neurofeedback for Sleep & Fatigue

Neurofeedback is an effective tool for restoring natural sleep. It trains the brain for better control, easing the transition to restful states.

Neurofeedback for PTSD & Trauma

Neurofeedback helps the brain overcome trauma directly, bypassing the need to discuss it, and aids in restoring mental and emotional well-being.

Neurofeedback for Stress & Anxiety

By regulating the nervous system through neurofeedback, individuals can achieve greater emotional balance and resilience, improving their overall quality of life.