Understanding Our Neurofeedback Technology

We specialise in remote neurofeedback, utilising advanced technology to provide accessible and convenient brain training sessions from the comfort of your home. 

Our approach combines professional-grade neurofeedback, personalised training protocols, user-friendly interfaces and live one-to-one sessions with a professional certified therapist.

Our remote software, uniquely designed and built in-house, delivers a personalised, clinic-quality brain training experience. 

Key Features 

Remote Neurofeedback System

Our platform integrates remote QEEG brain maps and leading 19-sensor neurofeedback technology (NeuroGuide) to deliver clinic-quality training on a practical and easy-to-use platform. This approach ensures that each session is tailored to your unique brain patterns and training goals.

Interactive Brain Mapping

In addition to steady progress reviews with your therapist, users have access to a virtual platform where they can view their QEEG brain maps and track progress. This feature is designed to provide insights into the areas being trained and allows users to visually track their progress and understand the improvements in their brain.

Home Neurofeedback Station

Each user receives a dedicated remote training station. Of our own design, the ‘Brain Workstation’ is akin to a secure, simplified computer terminal with an on-board setup assistant to ensure a user-friendly and efficient experience.

Feedback Customisation

The system offers various feedback options and types which can be tailored to individual preferences. This includes compatibility with different media sources and streaming services for a personalised experience.

Session Management Tools

Over the course of 12 years and over 100k sessions in the field, we've developed tools to address common remote session challenges like internet speed variability and user interface simplicity. These include a unique sensor check procedure and streamlined session initiation processes.

Remote Session Management

The therapist's console allows for remote management of sessions. This includes updating your neurofeedback training protocols, tracking progress, and adjusting settings based on the user's preferences and progress.

The only professional-quality remote neurofeedback system on the market, our remote neurofeedback software has become the choice of leading brain training clinics and researchers worldwide.

Purpose and Benefits


Enables users to participate in neurofeedback sessions remotely, increasing accessibility and convenience.


Offers personalised training protocols based on individual brain patterns and needs.


Designed to be simple and straightforward for users, regardless of their technical expertise.

Progress Tracking

Allows users to visually track their progress and understand the changes occurring in their brain.

Our neurofeedback technology is focused on providing a professional, accessible, and personalised brain training experience. It leverages advanced tools and methodologies to ensure each session is tailored to the individual's needs, all within a user-friendly and efficient remote setup.