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At Brainworks, we understand that your brain is the control centre for every emotion, thought, and sensation you experience. It governs essential functions like attention, emotional balance, cognitive ability and your whole nervous system. Because of this, neurofeedback training isn’t just a treatment—it’s a pathway to a better you

Who Can Benefit?

Our services cater to a wide audience, young and old. Whether you are dealing with cognitive, emotional or physical symptoms or, seeking self-improvement.

Personalised Training Programs

Each client’s needs are unique, and so are our neurofeedback training programs. Regardless of your age or starting point, we create a customised brain training plan to help you achieve your specific goals.

Beyond Treatment

While many clients come to us for one particular issue, they often experience a host of other benefits that improve their overall well-being and performance.

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Frequently asked

Neurofeedback helps your brain learn to focus and concentrate at will. This training helps strengthen your neural pathways and gain greater control over your mind.

ADDitude magazine published an interesting piece exploring this very question and noted that, while the studies to-date have not been fully blind studies, neurofeedback training has shown promise to help with some ADHD symptoms.

That being said, if you suspect you or your child has ADD or ADHD, your first step should be to consult with a doctor. You should also share your decision to try neurofeedback training as a complementary therapy with your doctor.

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